From small beginnings in 1999 Advocates Africa has grown into a dynamic network of Christian Lawyers from across the continent.

The 11th Biennial Convocation of Advocates Africa will take place in Cape Town, South Africa in August 2015.  The meeting will convene to discuss national and continental issues; in particular the rise of religious intolerance and how we need to respond to this as lawyers, legal academics, legislators and judges from across the continent.

 “Religious Liberty: a Touchstone for true freedom in a modern world”

Given the widespread incidences of religious intolerance and violence experienced by communities in recent times, the theme of this year’s Convocation is truly appropriate.  The Convocation will provide an opportunity for dialogue, education and serious contemplation as to the way forward on this poignant issue.

In addition to the primary theme, the convocation will place an emphasis on corruption and the challenge we face to formulate a constructive response to address this scourge and its effect on our communities and nations. This will be addressed under the theme: Integrity under the Rule of Law.

Speakers at the conference will include both high profile South Africans leaders and international experts.

Adv. Reg Willis

Adv. Reg Willis

Welcome from Adv. Reg Willis, CLA South Africa

Dear Christian lawyers

Christian Lawyers Association (South Africa) is proud to be hosting the upcoming 11th bi-annual Advocates Africa convocation. We invite you to Cape Town South Africa in August 2015 and look forward to giving you a warm South African welcome.

The theme of this convocation of Christian lawyers and advocates of religious liberty is “Religious Liberty – A Touchstone for True Liberty in a Modern World”. I submit to you that this convocation is for a ‘time such as this’ and a people committed to advancing the Gospel of the Kingdom in the last days before our King returns.

A modern meaning of the noun ‘convocation’ is the convoking of a large formal assembly. In scripture we see that God shows up to interact with His people at set times.  This is apparent from the Covenant feasts such as the celebration of the death and resurrection of our Saviour, known as the Feast of Passover (Pesach). The word translated feast is the Hebrew word ‘moed’ (Mo-ed; hebrew –מוֹעֵד).  Moed means a divine appointment, a fixed time or season, specifically a festival. The moedim are times when God has appointed a ‘miqroa’ (Miqra – Hebrew מִקְרָא). A miqrao is something called out, a public meeting, an assembly, a holy convocation, a reading, or a rehearsal.  In Colossians 2: 16 – 17 and Hebrews 10:1 Paul proclaimed the feasts of the Lord to be prophetic shadow pictures of good things to come. The feasts are a dress rehearsal for the coming of Jesus; the spring feasts foreshadowed His first coming and the fall feasts foreshadow His second coming.  The moedim of the Lord have a practical, a symbolic, and a prophetic application.

Is it by chance that over the years the gathering of Christian Lawyers under the auspices of Advocates International, Advocates Africa and the like have been called ‘Convocations’?

We pray God’s eternal blessings and traveling mercies as you make your way to Cape Town, South Africa, for this Holy Convocation.

Adv Reg Willis
Christian Lawyers Association Chairperson (South Africa)

Mike Chibita

Welcome from Mike Chibita, Advocates Africa


In 1999 Advocates Africa held its inaugural meeting at Hekpoort, South Africa. My wife accompanied me to South Africa carrying our son Joshua who was a few months old.

Since then Advocates Africa Conferences have been held in Kenya, Uganda, Ghana, Ethiopia and Nigeria. Uganda and Nigeria have hosted twice and South Africa will be hosting us for a record third time. Thank you South Africa!

We are looking forward to other countries joining the ‘hosting club’. We boast of a membership of over 15 countries and look forward to growing in stature, wisdom and intellect.

My son Joshua is almost taller than me now. Likewise, it is our hope that Advocates Africa has grown taller than all of us. It is a teenager, full of energy and ready to take on the world. Indeed a lot has been accomplished with the Lord as our King, Lawgiver and Judge.

On behalf of the entire Advocates Africa family, the Executive and the Local Organising Committee, I welcome you to Cape Town South Africa. We look forward to seeing most of you.

God Bless you.

Mike Chibita
President, Advocates Africa
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